How to Buy

How to Buy

How to buy online at our online store?

1) As you can see then buy online shop is simple The first thing to know is that to buy can be registered in the system (preferable) or just provide the information necessary for ordering. To register you just have to click on the button 'register, you'll find the right part of the web. Once registered, just sign in you will carry out any orders you want without having to make all data on each order. In addition you can change the delivery address in any order, have a history of orders with invoices for printing at any time, etc. Once you sign up you send an email to the email account that you provided, to verify the accuracy of the data and to confirm your high. You must activate your high through this email client. Once confirmed you can access our system and make your orders

2) Now you only have to place your order, indicating the method of payment and shipping information. At all times you will be duly informed about the total cost of the order, as well as shipping costs that you generate.

3) When purchasing you must follow these steps play out on screen until the last one is to confirm the order. In your client page, you will have orders placed with a button to confirm if they have not previously done. Once confirmed the order is processed for preparation and sending. 4) After performing the previous step and have your order made and confirmed properly, which is arranged to be sent and you no longer have to do anything more, all in our hands and we'll send it with the utmost urgency once confirmed payment. If paying by payment is confirmed at the time and if you do transfer send a copy of the email. You will be notified by email when your order leaves our facilities and we will tell you the tracking number.

Any doubt please contact us It is very easy to buy in!