Liefer-und Versandkosten

Versand und Transport

Wir liefern in Deutschland auf zwei Arten:

  1. Post ( Kosten bezogen auf das Gewicht und die Lieferzeit beträgt ca. 5-7 Tage )
  2. NACEX (kostet € 19 und KOSTENLOS für Bestellungen über 150€ mit einer Lieferzeit von ca. 3 Tage ).

Sofern nicht anders angegeben (momentane Pause, Urlaub, Endbestand), Auftragseingang und bezahlt werden innerhalb von 48-72 Stunden ausgeliefert.
Bestellungen per Express-und Postdienste NACEX ausgeliefert werden. Im Falle des Verlustes der Ware per Post, bestshopping Durchführung einer neuen Lieferung oder erstattet der Kunde, wenn die bestellte Ware nicht mehr verfügbar sind. Im Falle einer Beschädigung der Verpackung beim Transport, muss der Kunde Reservierungen oder verweigern das Paket bei der Lieferung und informieren bestshopping per E-Mail. Eine neue Lieferung oder Rückerstattung wird gemacht, wenn der Fall ist erwiesen und bestätigt per Post zu.


Gemäß Artikel L-121-16 des Consumer Code, hat der Kunde eine Wartezeit von 15 Tagen ab Lieferung der bestellten Produkte. Das Produkt muss in der Originalverpackung zurückgegeben werden, in einwandfreiem Zustand für den Wiederverkauf. Zurück Kosten werden in der Verantwortung des Kunden. Eine Rückerstattung oder Gutschrift (wie vom Client angefordert) werden innerhalb von 72 Stunden erfolgen (ohne Zeiten von Urlaub oder Abwesenheit) nach Erhalt der Ware.

Die Rückkehr-Adresse lautet:  Avd.Cortes Valencianas, 22 (Conserjería) 46015 VALENCIA - SPAIN










We do ship to any country. We make shipments by registered mail, approximate transit time for EU countries and USA is three to five days. Once the shipment we will send a tracking number. With this number you can check the status of your shipment. Access the website: and you can find the status of your order.

If you want to buy more than two items please the shopping basket, calculate shipping costs. We would like to offer more competitive prices but we can not, so we compensate by offering better prices on our products and our service, fast and effective. As always, please excuse the errors in the translation to your language of this website. Thank you very much.




Credit and debit Cards:
Visa and Master Card have developed a safe system for making online purchases. The Secure E-Commerce system means the card issuer (bank or savings bank) has to identify the card holder before authorising the online payment.
BEST shopping has subscribed to this security protocol. When you select the product you wish to purchase and enter your card number, a window pops up from your card issuer, requesting your identification details and displaying one of the following icons:visa_mastercard.jpg

This security system protects your card details and password from the moment they are entered.
Once identification is complete, the Issuer informs BEST shopping that the purchase is being made by the card holder, meaning the process can be completed. If identification is incorrect, the Issuer informs BEST shopping so it can take the appropriate action required.
This window is not controlled by BEST shopping, and the Issuer bears sole responsibility for any problem that may arise when using it. You must contact your banking institution if any such problems occur.

Wire transfer.
Currently we only accept payments by bank transfer for payments from outside Spain. We are unable to offer payment by credit card and other payment methods. We know the need to incorporate these methods of payment, but due to the high number of online payment fraud, we are forced to limit the payment to bank transfer. We are a small company and we can not assume the damages for scams card payments or other popular online payment methods. All this is compensated by giving the best price and service. Thanks for understanding.



Trying to give the best service to our customers, we are constantly updating the details of each item as accurate measurements for garment and others. If you are unsure which size you need or if it will do, let us know and we'll give you the exact measurements of the garment should not be visible in the store. guarantees the repayment of the value of any product which is not fully satisfied. You may return new items, complete and unused. in its original packaging within 14 days from the date of receipt of order. The products of incomplete, damaged or have been used are not accepted. Note: No changes in lingerie and bikinis.

Shipping charges for return or exchange are borne by the customer except in case of failure on our part.

To return a product, you must send it by certified mail and will refund the item value * by bank transfer. May include data from your bank account in your personal data by logging into your customer account.

If you want to make a change just by returning the item and a new order.

The product (s) to return must be in original packaging and must include the following mailing address:  Avd.Cortes Valencianas, 22 (Conserjería) 46015 VALENCIA - SPAIN

For any questions please contact us